Services: AND ARBITRATE: In addition to the practice of municipal law IBL litigates and arbitrates in civil, Commercial, Administrative, Criminal and Labor matters. Additionally, we represent organizations with immunities and privileges afforded by international law. Our wealth of experience in municipal legislation has established IBL as the leading legal operatives in the acquisition of permits, authorizations and business licenses. We also operate in areas of property tax, duties, collection, and administrative or judicial recovery. The combination of global diplomatic training and a wealth of experience in the the Costa Rican consular field has established IBL as leaders in this sector. CONSULTANCY: The IBL team are highly qualified in matters pertaining to legal advice, tax law and investments in Costa Rica.  In addition to the establishment of commercial corporations IBL also undertakes studies for feasibility projects, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and legal representation for clients wishing to start a business in Costa Rica. IBL come equipped with the tools and experience to assist clients every step of the way and guarantee peace of mind by making clients transition to the Costa Rican business environment as smooth and safe as possible. AND FINANCIAL LEGAL SERVICES: As well as Legal advice in  matters of bankruptcy or insolvency IBL provides first rate litigation for corporations and stringent legal analysis of public or private contracts. IBL works hard to remain up-to date on any legislation issued from governing institutions such as SUGEF and SEGEVAL and is constantly aware of any actions implemented by the comptroller general and the general prosecutors office. IBL boast a wide range of both skill and experience in matters of banking, stock exchange transactions and financial sources for corporate managerial contracts administered by corporate law. We also provide advice regarding Costa Rican governmental judicial matters. PROCEEDINGS: It is essential that foreigners wishing to acquire residence in Costa Rica are careful to select the right advice and representation. The IBL team can assist with every step of this process from the initial application through to the acquisition of permanent resident status. We also provide advice for all migratory affairs and work hard to remain up-to-date with any actions that may affect applications implemented by the Costa Rican consulate. The IBL team come armed with the knowledge and experience to effectively provide the solutions to any problems that may arise during this delicate process and guarantee that all matters are handled as smoothly as possible. CONSUMER RIGHTS: IBL provides consumer defense services both for foreigners and Costa Rican nationals. With a wide range of experience in dealing with the National commission for consumers IBL has the skills and background necessary to attaining the desired result while working hard to expedite procedures at a minimal cost to our clients. PUBLIC SERVICES: IBL are are highly trained in the areas of property registration, land transfers, legalization, authentication, legal certification, Power of Attorney, affidavits and other protocol documentation required by the National Registry. IBL have a long and successful track record in meeting the needs of all our clients in regard to  the wide range of notary services necessary to living and working in Costa Rica. We guarantee that our services rank among the best in the country and that our experience in circumventing the usual delays ensure all actions are completed in the most convenient time frame possible. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:IBL undertakes all legal work for registration of patents, trademarks, invention ownership and advice pertaining to any controversies that may arise in this field. ADVICE FOR DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS: IBL provides legal services and institutional advice for global Embassies and Consulates seeking accreditation from the Costa Rican Government. Our wide range of experience in Costa Rican foreign affairs and intimate knowledge regarding the inner workings of government entities qualify us as the countries leading experts in providing effective solutions in all matters international and diplomatic. PROCEEDINGS: Our International Adoption Service involucrate the necessary advice for your needs outside of Costa Rica which includes a complete direction of the proceedings in this country and also a whole coordination with the National Institute for Childhood (Patronato Nacional de la Infancia) and the agreement established by the International Convention of Hague, including functions of certified translations and interpretations with an official translator and facilitator for the adoptions until the legal procedure is totally solved. Marriages for marital conciliation and mediation. Also, proceeding for recognition of fatherhood and allowance for food and other necessities.

IBL CONSULTANTS recognizes the real importance that represents in the present times the rescue of the main values and the conservation of the family as the base of every society as outstanding fact and for you to find the best legal advice in this matter, with the consideration that requires this  subject. STATE AND BUSINESS DUE DILIGENCE: IBL takes care of everything related to the lease, purchase or sale of properties all over Costa Rica. From advertising channels to construction companies IBL has an extensive list of the contacts and connections necessary to ensuring all our clients real estate concerns are met with highest levels of care and professionalism.



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